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Transat Unveils Solo Collection


Transat is befriending those who may want to seek friends while on vacation.

The company is promoting its new Solo Collection as one that accommodates those vacationing alone “to get your fill of sun and sand all by yourself.”

But Transat’s Nicole Bursey told a Tuesday Toronto gathering that the program is also aimed at those “who want to travel on their own, but don’t necessarily want to spend all their time on their own.”

Those who book it won’t have to pay single supplements at sun destination resorts.

As well, there will be a communal restaurant table for Transat clients, so those who don’t want to dine by themselves can join other vacationers at a dinner table.

Solo Collection clients will also find a weekly happy hour.

“A lot of agents are so excited about the Solo Collection,” Bursey told PressToday. “We get so much excitement about it.”

Lone travellers are a “very much under-served market,” she added.

Also new is the Adults Collection, described as “an exclusive selection of hotels for clients 18 and over.”

Transat is offering 36 sun destinations this winter, including the new destination of Curacao, which Bursey praised for the likes of its beaches and Dutch architecture.

Bursey noted Transat has seven destinations in Central and South America.

The tour operator is also offering over 500 hotels.

She also praised her company’s “tempting early booking bonuses.”
Pictured at the event are Transat’s Denise Heffron, Genevieve LeBrun, Catherine Pleau, Erin Oddleifson, and Debbie Cabana. Sitting is Bursey.