Travel Advisors Are The Stars Of New TDC Campaign 

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) is highlighting one of its network’s key assets — the travel professionals in its network of franchised and corporate agencies — as part of a Canada-wide marketing campaign.

The first versions of the campaign, which showcases the strength of the human relationship, have been featured on various websites, on Google, and on YouTube. Over the coming months, the campaign will continue to evolve, with new visual variations.

Karine Gagnon, General Manager of Transat Distribution Canada, said: “At TDC, our travel professionals are one of our greatest strengths, one of our fundamental assets. That’s why we’re once again putting the spotlight on them, as we did in 2020, but this time with a brand-new campaign.”

Gagnon continued: “In recent years, these true professionals have demonstrated, time and again and in a multitude of ways, the importance of their added value, and above all how their customers’ experience becomes incomparable when dealing with them.”

Marc Pelletier, Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Events at TDC, explained that: “We developed a new creative platform to showcase the travel advisor profession across Canada, highlighting our branded agencies notably Marlin Travel in English Canada and Club Voyages in Quebec. In addition, a different version of the campaign was created for Western Canada. It was produced in collaboration with WestJet Vacations, one of TDC’s preferred partners.”

Pelletier continued: “Visually, in a few words and borrowing the symbolism of the stars, a visual language widely used in the travel industry, we present our five-star travel professionals: those who share their experiences, who give their advice, who save time and money, who personalize experiences, who are available when the customer needs them, and who, ultimately, offer them peace of mind.”

And he goes on to point out that “this campaign is just the first step towards our goal of highlighting the travel professional, TDC’s unique value proposition and this creative platform opens the door to a host of possibilities because we have a lot to say on the subject. We also want to encourage all industry players to join us in this movement to enhance the value of travel professionals; the whole sector will come out stronger as a result.”

It’s a view shared by the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), for whom collective action and the pooling of strengths is a fundamental value.

ACTA president, Wendy Paradis noted that: “The TDC network is an important player within ACTA, and we are pleased to underscore the importance of this marketing initiative. In an ever-changing travel industry, it’s always a good idea to remind travelers of all the extra benefits they can enjoy by booking their next vacation with a travel consultant, and the campaign developed by the TDC network is perfect for this.”