Travel advisors getting ‘Connected to Success’ with TravelBrands

TravelBrands is on a mission these days and it’s all about providing travel advisors with technology that will connect them to success.

“It’s all about technology,” TravelBrands’ president and CEO, Nathalie Tanious observed when asked about the company’s ‘Connected to Success’ theme. “Technology is a huge focus for us as an organization. We spent the last two years working on two major platforms – one is the GG Platform for the air consolidation and that sits on our Access Plus Platform and that platform is the hub for everything TravelBrands,” Tanious said.

The goal, she explained is that: “Whether it’s air, cars, hotels, dynamic packages, cruise and all the Exotik Journeys content, it’s all sitting on that one platform and we continue to grow that platform, to add tools to the platform to make it as simple as possible for travel agents.”

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