Travel Agent-Friendly Experiences From ToursByLocals

Paul Melhus makes it clear that ToursByLocals has been working with travel agents from the start and recognizes them as an integral part of its business. In fact, says ToursByLocals founder and CEO, agents bring top quality clients in search of truly unique travel products.

Melhus explains that ToursByLocals was created by travellers for travellers, saying that: “The idea was born on the Great Wall of China in 2006. My partner Dave and I met two local women who offered to help us explore the history of the wall. After a great tour followed by confusion around payment, we wanted to be able to replicate the fantastic guiding experience, but take away the “luck” of meeting the right person, and the complexities of arriving at a fee.”

He continued: “We also wanted to give these local guides the ability to meet travellers on a more professional level and earn a fair wage as full participants in the tourism industry. Starting on the flight home, Dave and I began to imagine ToursByLocals — a platform that empowers tour guides all over the world to reach an audience of travellers who value their service, and provides travelers with a reliable way to book a reputable local guide, anywhere they travel.”

Said Melhus: “And here we are now in 2022, and we’ve helped over 1.5 million people find and book fantastic local guides in 191 different countries around the world.”

For the full story, check out the April 18 issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.