Travel Agents Appreciated!

In a world where potential clients have thousands of options to choose from, Jet Lag Voyages’ Ola Ulewicz believes travel advisors need to stand out from the crowd.

“The industry is constantly changing and as a successful advisor you need to constantly change with it. There are thousands of advisors out there so find a way to stand out,” Ulewicz, the founder of the Barrie, Ont.-based agency, tells Travel Courier. “Perhaps that is a niche product, perhaps it is a niche demographic — whatever it is, do it well and be the best at it. Being ‘okay’ at multiple things will never make you stand out and will not make you sought after.”

On a more practical level, she says it’s also important for those in the industry to take their time and focus on all the details when making a booking.

“It only takes the smallest little thing to derail a whole reservation,” she adds.

For Wendi Gladstone of Unique Group Tours in Hamilton, Ont., building strong relationships with  the trade and suppliers has been integral to creating a successful and lucrative business.

“Excellent trade relationships can only benefit your clients in the long run,” Gladstone says. “You need to establish and maintain trust with your chosen tour suppliers by being honest, reliable, professional and ethical. Pick five or 10 good suppliers in a range of fields of expertise and demonstrate loyalty by supporting these suppliers.”

In honour of travel advisors, we’re showing our appreciation in Travel Courier’s and Canadian Travel Press’ annual Travel Agent Appreciation issue … all travel agents, all the time … we wouldn’t have it any other way … CLICK HERE to check it out.