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Travel And Security

Agents need to find ways to mitigate their client's risk


As a travel consultant, you want to mitigate your client’s risk as much as possible before they leave on a trip, but in an unpredictable world, no one can foresee events that could unfold while clients are abroad.

To help agents handle any potential negative events that might affect their clients while travelling, on Nov. 6 at 1pm, RTTF has invited speakers from the Department of Foreign Affairs to explain the role of consulates, what they can and cannot do, and Manulife Insurance to examine the nuances of travel insurance.

When the Manage the Risk: Travel and Security webinar is over, you will know where to find reliable information that doesn’t exaggerate or minimize risk so you can make informed recommendations that your clients will value.

Register for this and other RTTF webinars by visiting http://www.RTTF.ca. Registration is FREE for travel industry professionals thanks to generous sponsors: Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University; Air Canada; and Eaton Chelsea, Toronto. Brought to you by Baxter Travel Media, the third annual RTTF Webinar Series offers discussion, learning, and action on the environmental, social, and economic issues affecting the travel industry today.

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