Travel Consultant, If You Please

NACTA_van Leeuwen-March11

The National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA) reports that travel agents prefer to be called travel consultants as discovered through a recent member survey, results that are consistent with parent company ASTA’s findings.

NACTA research conducted December 2013-January 2014 indicates nearly half of the 1,281 respondents want to be called travel consultant. The question was posed, “As a professional who sells travel, what do you prefer to be referenced as?” The responses showed 47.7% prefer to be called a travel consultant, 23.9% selected travel professional, 12.7% travel agent, 7.5% travel advisor and 4.3% travel expert and 3.9% selected “Other.”

ASTA’s survey last fall posed the question, “For front-line agents or agents who deal directly with clients, which title do you believe corresponds best to their role (select one)?” Out of  282 participants in the survey, 54% selected travel consultant, 11% travel agent, 22% travel professional, 10% travel advisor and 2% selected “Other.”

As a result of the findings, NACTA will now use the term travel consultants when referring to its membership. NACTA also informally surveyed its members and found they prefer not to be referred to as “home-based agents.”

“The term home-based agent is irrelevant now as technology and personal relationships have changed how and where travel consultants are able to conduct business,” said Ann van Leeuwen (pictured), president of NACTA. “It is not important to label where travel consultants might do business, what’s important is being good at what you do — selling travel and servicing your clients to the best of your ability.”