Travel Corporation Launches TTC Tour Brands

The Travel Corporation (TTC) is rolling out a global reorganization of its tour brands including Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Costsaver, Contiki, Brendan Vacations, and Adventure World Travel under a new division, TTC Tour Brands.

TTC Tour Brands will serve as a single source for sales, marketing and operations of the individual brands, whose identities and points of differentiation will be retained.

The new entity will be led by Gavin Tollman who becomes CEO of the newly created division along with veteran TTC executives Ulla Hefel Böhler, who steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer, Dee Marrocco as Chief Marketing Officer and Duncan Robertson as Chief Digital Officer.  Adam Armstrong remains CEO of Contiki.

Laddering up to these executives will be 5 aligned global sales and marketing regions in Oceania, North America, Europe/ Britain, Asia and South Africa.

According to Tollman, TTC Tour Brands was designed expressly to make it easier for travel advisor partners to do business with the individual tour brands of TTC at a moment when touring and expert guidance have become increasingly important to travelers.

Tollman said: “The expertise, comfort and confidence of a touring vacation has never been more relevant, and we [TTC] saw a unique opportunity to leverage this moment to bring together our diverse and award-winning tour brands under a singular marketing, sales and operational structure.”

And the CEO of TTC Tour Brands points out that: “Our efforts to make it even easier for agents, extend beyond our team reorganization. In June, we are also launching a single sign-on agent booking portal, where agent partners can look at and book all TTC tour brands in one place. We are becoming more efficient in our structure to serve our partners better, eliminating confusion in the marketplace, and strengthening the integrity of our unique and diverse tour brands.”

With the reorganization, the United States and Canada will be combined to create a new North America sales and marketing region under the direction of Melissa da Silva.  Previously president of TTC brands Trafalgar, Costsaver, Brendan Vacations, Contiki, and Adventure World Travel in the United States, da Silva now adds TTC brands Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold, as well as the Canadian market to her portfolio.

She pointed out that: “TTC Tour Brands makes it easy for advisors to match the right tour brand to the right client.  We’re creating a seamless selling experience for the travel advisor community and while this structure may be new, it is designed with one constant: the benefit to our partners.”

Joining da Silva in North America is well-known TTC executive Guy Young, who resumes and expands his role as Chief Trade Engagement Officer in the newly created region.

In addition, two new roles have been created to support TTC Tour Brands, including an Account Manager for Canada and Vice President of National Accounts, North America.

Young said that: “Travel advisors have always been and will remain key to our forward plans. We will continue to invest in their success.  This reorganization is in great part, a recognition of the increasingly important role the travel advisor community has demonstrated they play in helping consumers navigate travel in today’s world.  Travel advisors are necessary, and we are creating a better structure to serve them well.”

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