Travel Counsellors has launched a new global recruitment film to grow awareness and communicate what it’s like to be a Travel Counsellor. The film is part of a new program of branding which the company has invested in this year. This has included a consumer brand film, a new recruitment web site, as well as a new web site for consumers which will be rolled out in Canada soon.

Managing Director Steve Byrne commented, “We are particularly pleased with our new recruitment film. Growth this year is impressive, across our offices in all the seven countries where we operate. Currently we’re up 14%. We are very keen to recruit talented travel professionals and we feel this new film is a great way to engage with potential recruits. It is a very personal film as it features three of our agents, from across the global, including Canada, talking about their personal experience as part of Travel Counsellors. As a result it fits neatly within our key company message that ‘with us it’s personal.’”

At the beginning of the year, the company launched a series of new initiatives aimed at increasing support for individual agents and helping them to reach their personal goals. As well as branding, there have been large investments in training, with the launch of e-learning modules and the introduction of monthly global, live webinars with sales guru, Anthony Iannarino.

Simon Burke, head of Global Recruitment at Travel Counsellors said, “We are having a great year and recruitment levels are at record levels. However, we are still keen to grow, and are very keen to recruit talented travel professionals for both our leisure and business divisions. The film will be shared across social media, with the aim of reaching out to an increased number of talented travel professionals. Growing the Travel Counsellor family is important to us so we are confident that this film will strike a chord with the travel industry.” (