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Travel Edge, Marriott Partner On Top Performers Trip

Travel Edge certainly takes an innovative approach to celebrating its Top Performers, curating an exclusive list of luxury experiences around the world, hosted by top brands.

This is an industry first and Travel Edge gave its leading Advisors the opportunity to a choose a multi-city trip to France, Italy, Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Germany.

Alongside a guest of their choosing, they were accompanied by Michael Johnson, executive vice-president Travel Edge, Michelle Leal, vice-president of advisor services, and Mary Kleen, director of advisor relationships.

Nine of Travel Edge’s Top Performers chose Italy as their celebrated destination, revelling in Venice, Florence, and Rome, where they familiarized themselves with new luxury experiences, hotels, and restaurants.

Said Johnson: “We take pride in celebrating our leading Luxury Advisors and rewarding them with these experiences. The Marriott International Luxury Brand showcased our Luxury Advisors a truly customized experience beneficial to their business – and therefore their clients. The Marriott International Luxury Brand were able to open doors to places few have ever seen – and now our advisors can use this experience to give more to their clients.”

Leal observed that: “Travel Edge is North America’s Premiere Luxury Agency. By celebrating our Advisors with intimate curated experiences, they are able to experience the finest hotels, restaurant and experiences around the world. This is our way to say thank you for having the best Luxury Travel Advisors in the world.”

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