Travel Edge: Redefining The Pathways To Success

One of the things that Gavin Miller will tell you is that “the internet changed our industry for the better. It democratized travel and opened a world of education, exploration and business opportunities. GenAI will do exactly the same thing. It’s yet to be seen how this will transform the industry, but it’s here and we all need to adapt and evolve with the technology.”

At the same time, Miller, Senior Vice President – Retail for Travel Edge, made it clear that “technology cannot replace humans. That is really the value proposition for travel advisors in the future. I do believe that travellers do see and want the value of having someone put together their trip from start to finish – and to be there if something happens. You can’t get that from ChatGPT.”

There’s more.

In fact, in a wide-ranging conversation with Canadian Travel Press, Miller talks about travel trends, disruptions, more on Generative AI, sustainability and, along the way, offers some insights into how Travel Edge has been redefining the pathways to success in the retail travel business.

Check out the full story in CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.