Virtuoso Travel Week Offers Insights On The Trends

The director of global communications for Virtuoso says Virtuoso travel agents can look forward to large numbers of people hitting the road in the remainder of this year and next year as well.

Misty Belles told Virtuoso Travel Week 2022 delegates that fall and Christmas season bookings will continue to be strong, as will those in 2023.

“In short, travel is back,” Belles said Monday during her Las Vegas presentation.

Next year could be “exceptional” for outbound travel, she added.

However, Belles warned delegates that the rebound in travel differs, with some sectors outperforming others.

As well, current airport staffing shortages in much of the world is often leading to “chaotic” situations, she noted.

The onset of the pandemic grounded travel plans, keeping people at home. Belles said that in turn eventually led to “so much more pent-up demand and wealth converging at the same time.”

Industry observers say people staying home for much of the pandemic means they now have more money for travel.

Belles said luxury travel is leading the current travel rebound, with next year looking promising for travel in general.

If bookings stay on the same trajectory 2023 could outperform 2019, Belles stated.

Virtuoso is seeing particularly strong interest from younger clients, who might not have the same health concerns as older travellers, she continued.

Younger travellers are frequently seeking “trips of a lifetime,” she added.

Meanwhile, Belles said 7 of the top 10 Virtuoso summer destinations are in Europe.

Belles also reported that all levels of hotel pricing are on the rise.


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