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Travel South America Plastic-Free With Goway

Goway has launched a new program aimed at reducing plastic waste in South America.

Many governments in Central and South America are taking steps to tackle the issue, but Goway is also playing its part, working to rid South and Central America of single-use plastic bottles.

Most of the region’s hotels supply their guests with complimentary water bottles. While the tap water is generally perfectly fine to drink, most travellers feel more comfortable drinking bottled, filtered water. This unfortunately results in more plastic water bottles hitting the eco system, leaving a “waste stream” where travellers have been.

Goway, with the backing of Travel Without Plastic, is taking its own small steps to reduce the use of single use plastics when travelling in South America, supplying a complimentary, reusable metal water bottle for all our clients when they travel in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

While many people travel with a reusable bottle already, they will still fill up said bottle using the complimentary water bottles at hotels, or purchased bottles from local stores which defeats the whole point. To help combat this, Goway has called on all of its hotel partners to install water stations to allow Goway guests and others to refill their reusable bottles with safe, clean filtered water. Many of Goway’s hotel partners already have this amenity in place, while others will have a year to implement the change.

All vehicles that service Goway transfers and tours will also be equipped with containers of fresh, filtered water, available to refill reusable water bottles. On an average seven- to 10-day trip, simply refilling water bottles can save an estimated 40 single use plastic bottles. Goway says it’s a small step, but a step in the right direction, with a cumulative impact that can equal 60,000 bottles per year, just with Goway clients travelling to Peru, one of Goway’s and the region’s most popular destinations.

Goway is also supplying a small recyclable bag to collect any plastic waste clients may encounter on their daily activities. Collecting this plastic refuse is purely voluntary, but by doing so, Goway globetrotters can leave a positive impact on their destination. Their guide will then ensure their bag is properly disposed of at the end of each day.


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