Travel South Ready To Welcome Canadians

Travel South USA quite understandably wants us to travel south for our vacations.

The organization promotes 12 southern U.S. states, touting an array of attractions that include different genres of music, varied landscapes and regional cuisines.

Florida isn’t among association members, with Travel South USA president Liz Bittner saying Florida’s tourism trade tends to largely revolve around beaches and theme parks, which isn’t the case for her association’s members.

“There is a plethora of experiences,” Bittner told a Tuesday Toronto gathering that featured Southern American dishes and bourbon tastings, with the uniquely American spirit of bourbon produced in Travel South USA member states.

The Southern states are the most “authentic part” of the United States, she added.

Bittner said the Southern states are a “huge” drive destination, and Canadian visitations have risen since the reopening of the Canada-U.S. border.

“We really want Canadians to think about the South for fall vacations,” she continued.

Those Canadians bound for Florida in their own vehicles should stop and spend time in some Travel South USA member states, said Bittner, adding her region has “unspoiled” coast for those who appreciate oceans.

Bittner also told those on hand that travel is enriching, stating seeing the world is part of an “educational process.”

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Seen here are Gina Christ-Kohler, Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau; Grey Brennan of Alabama tourist board Sweet Home Alabama; and Tara Walton, Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau.