Travel South USA Ramps Up Canadian Representation

Travel South USA (TSUSA) has named Reach Global Marketing Ltd. as its new agency of record.

Canada is the top market for drive and fly-drive travel to the South, and Reach Global will be representing TSUSA partner states and elevating Travel South USA’s Canadian presence through public relations, social media and influencer promotions, and strategic partnerships.

Liz Bittner, president & CEO of Travel South USA, said that: “In 2019, we saw 2.89 million Canadians to the region. We know we need to strengthen our presence and enhance our strategy in preparation of the borders reopening and the shifts in consumer behavior. Therefore, we are excited to work with the team at Reach Global in collaboration with other partners such as Brand USA and state agencies to leverage our resources to inspire and welcome Canadians back when they feel comfortable.”

Charmaine Singh, president & CEO of Reach Global, noted that: “There are hundreds of places Canadians can make plans. From a long-weekend getaway with girlfriends, golf, Whitewater rafting or foodie trips with bourbon & moonshine, to planning a 10+ night holiday in the sunny south.”

Singh continued: “Whether you’re driving or renting a car upon arrival, we know Canadians are eager to experience all the flavours, outdoor adventures, and family fun available across the region.  There is so much more to know about the South, and my team and I are excited to work to generate media and create partnerships that share these experiences.”

Travel South USA will deploy digital marketing and social media/influencer programming in the fall of 2021 and host Canadian tour operators for International Showcase in November 2021.