Travel Time Is Family Time

Survey Shows Canadian Families Ready To Hit The Road


Canadians love to travel and Canadian families love travelling together. The proof is in the numbers from a new Choice Hotels Canada survey conducted by Leger that questioned Canadians on their travel habits.

It shows that the vast majority of Canadians are planning trips soon and looking to connect with relatives at home or abroad or simply as a way to enjoy the fun times that come from sharing experiences together.

“In this busy age of online distractions and separate schedules, vacations are a time for families to connect, share memories and spend quality time together,” said Julie Chan-McConnell, director, Marketing and Loyalty at Choice Hotels Canada. “That’s why Choice Hotels Canada offers a friendly, comfortable, value-packed experience that makes travellers feel good about staying with us – wherever and whenever they travel.”

According to the survey, 89% of Canadians plan to travel somewhere within the country in the next two years and those households with kids are even more likely to take a trip with 92% saying they are ready to hit the road soon.

When Canadians travel, they don’t like to do it alone. An overwhelming 87% like to travel with family or friends, Albertans most of all with 93% and, not surprisingly, 95% of families with kids like to travel together.

And, the furry members of families aren’t being left behind. Pets are also popular travel companions with 22% of Canadians saying they don’t leave home without their animals. Families with children are most likely to bring the pet along with 26%.

When it comes time to pick a travel destination, most Canadians like to find new places to go every time they take a trip. Nearly three quarters (74%) seek novel destinations whenever they travel and that number jumps to 81% for Quebecers. Families also like variety as 79% of households with kids look for something new every year.
The reality, though, is that while Canadians may dream of visiting new places, half return to the same vacation spots again and again. Albertans are the biggest creatures of habit with 57% of them sticking to the same destination every time they travel.

Travel may be a time to see new things and visit new places, but a large number of Canadians use it as a time to connect with friends and family in far-flung places. As many as 59% of Canadians travel to hook up with family and friends while those from Manitoba and Saskatchewan are even more likely with 74% doing so.

Those with kids in the house say they have a large impact on where they travel. An overwhelming 88% of them said that children help determine where families go on a trip.

Travelling together is good for families as 84% of Canadians with children say that it brings them closer together.

Canadian travellers look for value for money when they choose a hotel, with families with children being the most price conscious of all at 97%. After price, the most important factors when choosing accommodations by Canadians is cleanliness (86%) as well as safety (64%).

To help manage budgets, an overwhelming number of Canadians (81%) look for discounts or reward points when they travel, including loyalty cards like the Choice Privileges rewards program.

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