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Travel to Canada Continues to Surge


Canada remains a hot commodity as it welcomed more than 1.5 million international visitors in May, an 8% year-on-year increase, according to a new Destination Canada Tourism Snapshot.

The total was the highest number of international visitors to Canada in May since 2002.

Other statistics show:

  • From the US, arrivals rose by auto (9%), air (6%) and other modes of transport (6%), culminating in an overall 8% year-on-year rise in travellers.
  • The US dollar has appreciated 13% over the loonie in the first five months of 2015, making the exchange rate much more favourable for US travellers.
  • Australians redoubled their efforts to take a Canadian vacation in May, with visitors increasing 5% over the previous year.
  • The recent boost in air capacity between Seoul and Vancouver continues to reap rewards, with South Korean visitor numbers soaring 26% in May 2015.
  • The Japan market is ready for lift-off: May saw a significant 16% year-on-year surge in visitors to Canada.
  • Canadians made 2.7 million trips abroad in May, a slight 0.5% dip over May 2014.
  • Year-to-date May, Canadians have taken 14.4 million overnighters abroad. Trips to the US have declined 5%, while those to other destinations have climbed 9% compared with 2014.


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