Travel Trends and Hot Destinations for 2015


With 2015 just around the corner, the travel experts at have dusted off their crystal ball and are once again forecasting travel trends for the upcoming year.

In its Top Travel Trends and Hot Destinations for 2015 report, the team shares its take on the where and how of Canadian travel for 2015. From sports and wellness travel to the adoption of the latest travel tech gadgets and apps to the rise in “airtiquette,” sees 2015 shaping up as a year of travel innovation and exploration for Canadians. And, to round out its predictions, the team has highlighted seven growing travel hot spots where Canadians will go in search of new adventure.

“Each new year brings with it the opportunity to set goals and expand horizons,” said Brittany Dietz, editor and travel expert at “2015 will be no exception as Canadians, true to their travel spirit, will pack their passions and use technology, savvy and even charm to maximize their experiences, regardless of budget. From Pacific paradises to Mediterranean and Caribbean hot spots and even the rugged beauty of Iceland and the Alps, we expect to see Canadians at the centre of the travel action.”

The following are five travel trends’s crystal ball has revealed for 2015: Sports and Wellness; Wearable tech and location-based services for travel going mainstream; Greater segmentation/personalization on flights; Airtiquette (With power-up rules at some airports, omnipresent mobile tech, the potential for hacked boarding passes, seat defenders wielded by assertive passengers, the predominance of the in-flight selfie (taken with the near-ubiquitous selfie stick) and carry-on meals that often pack an odour punch all creating flash points for passenger conflict, we are expecting “Airtiquette” to be a major issue in 2015.); Celebrating food.

And where does Cheapflights predict Canadians will be travelling to in 2015? Rounding out its annual travel trends piece are the seven hot destinations predicted to be on the rise next year. They include Tortola, British Virgin Islands; Iceland; Bali; Malta; The Alps and Lithuania.