Travel Tribes Of 2030

In case you were wondering what your clients will be like in 2030, well wonder no more as a new study commissioned by Amadeus and written by The Future Foundation provides a detailed look at how the shifting social, economic, and technology trends of today will make the world a very different place a decade and a half from now.

Entitled “Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller,” the study reveals that the rising importance of social capital, authentic and unique experiences and a desire for wellness and relaxation will surpass demographic and traditional segmentation as the key drivers of traveller motivation.

The study reports that by 2030 over 1.8 billion people will travel internationally every year and some will purchase and consume travel experiences almost entirely on the basis of how shareable they are, or how much “capital” they generate, via social networks.

Another group of travellers will demand total simplicity and freedom from having to arrange their own travel by 2030, wanting as much as possible to be done remotely, by third parties.

At the same time, a dedicated group will emerge with a desire for only the most hedonistic, indulgent and must-have experiences.

Julia Sattel, senior vice-president airline IT for Amadeus, observed that: “Looking back 15 years it is hard to underestimate how far the travel industry has come in terms of innovation, cost and choice for travellers.”

But Sattel pointed out that: “As we look forward 15 years to 2030 it is clear that change will only accelerate. With this in mind, understanding the emerging “traveller tribes” will be vital to all providers, buyers and sellers of travel in the coming years, in order to ensure the right investment decisions are made now, and to help facilitate and cater to the clear trend and demand in the industry for far greater personalization than ever before across the entire travel chain.”

Future Foundation’s director, Nick Chiarelli noted that: “Our research shows not just that the type of experience demanded by travellers in 2030 will be different to 2015 but that the way travellers buy and engage with the industry is also set to change.”

Chiarelli explained that: “Over the next 15 years the desire to share travel experiences will be profound, and so too the impact of sharing on inspiration and purchase trends will grow. As consumers in developed markets approach a post-material era we expect a much greater focus on, first of all, experience, and second of all, ethics, both environmental and social, to significantly influence people’s travel choices and behaviours.”

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