‘Travel Unlocked’ by Trafalgar

Trafalgar has launched an agent e-learning podcast, “Travel Unlocked,” created specifically to provide behind-the-scenes access to the brand in a way that has never been done before.

With more than seven million Canadian adults listening to podcasts at least once a month, the demand and opportunity for listening and learning on the go is at an all-time high. This latest initiative cements the brand’s commitment to innovation and destination expertise, and most importantly, it speaks to the brand’s passion for providing the best experiences for agents and guests while giving a deeper understanding of the people within Trafalgar who bring their trips to life.

The initial five-part series, “Travel Unlocked,” sees the brand reveal stories and never before shared information from a variety of guests within the business, such as travel directors, sales managers, product developers and CEO Gavin Tollman. The episodes will cover FAQs, JoinTrafalgar sustainability efforts, and how “Be My Guest” – another innovation by Trafalgar – was born, to name a just a few of the topics discussed.

“We created ‘Travel Unlocked’ specifically to address the direct feedback from agents, with 90% telling us they want and need better e-learning resources. Furthermore, 94% of agents surveyed said they wanted access to information that consumers could not find in any brochure or online, cementing their role as the experts in the industry,” says Conrad McCall, Trafalgar’s global trade engagement manager and podcast host. “As category leaders, we saw the opportunity to reach our valued agent partners in a way that suits them – that directly addresses challenges they currently face with accessing brand information in a hassle-free way. This e-learning series truly speaks to our #AgentsFirst mantra and constant innovative thinking.”

The podcast series has been created in a way that is fun, engaging and takes listeners behind the scenes, while also doubling as Trafalgar’s official e-learning course. Each episode has an associated quiz, which can be accessed through TTC Academy, either via a desktop or on the go via the Litmos App. Agents can download the app, log in with their TTC Academy credentials and listen to the podcasts, accessing the review questions directly in the app, making it easy and accessible at their convenience.

“These podcasts will change the game for our agent partners, opening up opportunities for them to learn about our brand on an even deeper level, in turn empowering them to share the Trafalgar story with their clients when recommending travel choices, and with plenty of laughs along the way,” added McCall.

“Travel Unlocked” is available now via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and more as well as TTC Academy.