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Cruise Quebec
640,000 Reasons to Sell Cruise Québec

While the revamped Cruise Québec Specialist course features
10 top reasons to sell Québec cruises, upon becoming a Specialist,
you’ll quickly find that the reasons for appealing to your clients are
endless. Whether you’re crafting a vacation for the ultimate nature
lover or appealing to the foodie with a thirst for old world charm, a
Québec cruise can be tailored to ensure your clients an unforgettable
adventure with every booking.

Visit the updated Cruise Québec Specialist course to gain:
In-depth knowledge about every facet of a Québec cruise including a guide
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Automatic enrollment in the Cruise Québec Rewards Program for a chance
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A comprehensive airline and cruise line guide including ports of call and
supplier listings
A downloadable diploma and 2 CEUs from The Travel Institute
Access to Alumni Alerts and special offers from Tourism Québec and
participating partners

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Cruise Quebec