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Discover Spectacular Kenya and Sell More Africa – Become a Jambo Kenya Specialist today!

Jambo Kenya Specialist

With every spectacular sunrise, opportunity and
adventure dawn across the picturesque Kenyan landscape. From safaris to
action sports, photography to spa treatments, and horseback riding to
romantic getaways, Kenya provides stunning backdrops and invigorating
interactions; endless opportunities for adventure, discovery, and
relaxation. No other country offers the visitor as much to see and do;
much more than you would ever expect…

You’re invited to embark on the Jambo Kenya Specialist journey.
The extensive training program will assist you in planning your
clients’ travels to Kenya. Complete with information and tools about all
aspects of Kenya travel, including safari styles, cultural and city
experiences, niche travel, itinerary planning and more. By taking this
course you will be well equipped to plan the perfect Kenya vacation for
your clients. Joining our Jambo Kenya Specialist Program is an all
access pass to the most up to date information for your clients and
excellent commission levels associated with long haul, all-inclusive

Full of magic, free of hassles:
Bullet pointFive robust lesson plans complete with insider information on sample safari
Bullet pointitineraries, culture and attractions, target markets, and more.
Bullet pointEasy step-by-step guide to essential travel facts, including the A-Zs travel basics
Bullet pointExclusive fam trip opportunities and access to the coveted Jambo Kenya Rewards
Bullet pointprogram.
Bullet pointA chance to become a Jambo Kenya Master Specialist and the perks that go along
Bullet pointwith this achievement