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Travelport Agencia – Hear what customers are saying

Air Canada and AC2U Travelport

Hear What We Can Accomplish Together

Discover why agents are booking with Travelport Agencia™

Travelport Agencia allows you to confidently book Air Canada’s full content
and travel options with increased efficiency and reduced cost, while also
giving you access to traditional GDS content from over 300 carriers. But
don’t take our word for it. See what agents are saying about our advanced,
web-based application.

“Travelport Agencia makes booking Air Canada content a breeze! Our agents
love Agencia because it automatically builds the PNR. And they are able
to do everything within one easy-to-use system.”

– Kit Sawhney, President, Voyages Cortravco Inc.

“I can’t imagine going back to the more labor-intensive way that we previously
made and invoiced our reservations. With Agencia, the booking and processing
time is cut in half.”

– Elaine Colbourne, Branch Manager, W.E. Travel

“A major benefit of Travelport Agencia is the automatic PNR creation in
our Apollo GDS, which eliminates the need to manually transfer data. I’m
also impressed by the frequency and value of product enhancements.”

– Howard Ekstein, President, MPH Travel

“Travelport Agencia is very efficient and user friendly. The agent support
that is provided has been exceptional, and I would recommend Travelport
Agencia to anyone.”

– Loraine Curtis, Travel Consultant and Co-owner, Athlone Travel

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Travelport Agencia is an optional product available to agencies located in Canada.

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