TRIPLE Commissions?! A Sneak Peak at One of Our Newest Courses…

Ships n'Shores

TRIPLE Commissions?!
A Sneak Peak at One of Our Newest Courses…

If you want commissions to go up, just look down…Downunder!
Below, we reveal three profit-boosting tips from one of Travel Agent
University’s newest courses, Ships n’Shores: New Wave Cruising

Tip #1: Skip the Caribbean!
Sure, it’s easy to send clients off on a Caribbean cruise, but there’s
more fun – and profit – to be had Downunder. Setting up memorable
experiences in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands is
easier – and more lucrative – than you think. Take the Ships n’Shores
course at, and start earning more for your yakka (that’s hard work, as we call it Downunder).

Tip #2: Stay out of the cookie jar. That
is, don’t settle for cookie-cutter add-ons offered by cruise lines. You
can easily DOUBLE your commission* by designing unique pre- and
post-cruise experiences clients will rave about. Don’t worry; you won’t
have to double your workload to pull it off…we’ll reveal how to keep
things effortless and exciting with our signature “One Unpack” strategy.

Tip #3: Set up the sequel.
67% of cruisers want to come back for extended land-based tours when
they have a good experience the first time around. Ships n’Shores gives
you the knowledge and confidence to hook repeat business Downunder, from
designing that perfect first cruise to booking land-based packages
worth TRIPLE** your original commission. Now, if only we could help you
figure out what to do with all that extra cash.

For more profit-boosting, client-pleasing tips…PLUS a chance to win your very own “One Unpack” Trip to Australia’s Gold Coast, go to and check out Ships n’Shores: New Wave Cruising Downunder!

*Based on average commission for 3-4 day land-based stay.
**Based on average commission for a 17-day land package.

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