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Vacation Rental Advantage for Travel Agents


Vacation Rental Advantage
Vacation rentals provide
many benefits and advantages that your customers won’t find at
a hotel. In addition to receiving that “home away from home”
feeling, rentals allow them to get away from all of the other
tourists and live like a local while fully immersing
themselves in the culture.

Below are some additional
Vacation Rental Advantages:

  • Privacy means more rooms and more space. No noisy

    neighbors and crowds.

  • The average size of a vacation rental is 1,850 square
    feet. Average hotel room is 325 square feet.

  • Amenities mean private hot tubs, pools, kitchens, and
    washers/dryers, allowing customers to save money.
The best part for you is that vacation rentals are
commissionable. You can book online and 10% commission on luxury
homes and condos.

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