TravelBrands Gives Back

TravelBrands has donated $5,000 to Food Banks Canada as part of its commitment to help fight food insecurity.

The company donation was matched by a personal donation by Frank DeMarinis, CEO of H.I.S-Red Label Vacations Inc.

DeMarinis observed that: “Giving back is one of our company pillars. With the increased difficulties that the past two years have brought, more than ever, we have to stand by these values with concrete action. The seeds we sow today are what help pave the way to a better tomorrow, and we are proud to support an organization like Food Banks Canada. Their programs drive offer sustainable solutions to Canadians when they need it the most.”

Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to servicing Canadians from coast to coast living with food insecurity.

This is the second year in a row that both TravelBrands and Frank DeMarinis have contributed to their initiatives with a donation to Food Banks Canada.

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