TravelBrands Unveils Experiences By Sunquest


From a 10th century Moorish castle to luxury over-the-water suites in Jamaica or a hotel room overlooking the Colosseum in Rome, TravelBrands unveiled its new Experiences by Sunquest program last night (Nov. 7) at the Sunquest offices in Toronto.

“Sunquest has been in the Canadian market for 46 years serving travel agents and Canadian travellers with great vacation holidays. Today we’ve taken that product knowledge and our experience over the years and have assembled a collection of consumer products,” Frank Demarinis (pictured), president and CEO of TravelBrands, said at the VIP launch event. “It features unique, traditional destinations, exceptional hotels with distinctive room types, and cruise cabins like you’ve never seen before.”

Featuring eight collection styles, including Cruise, Amazing Views, Historic, Luxury and Incredible rooms, the catalogue includes 109 air-inclusive package vacations in Sunquest’s traditional sun destinations as well as new destinations in North America, South America and Europe.

“We did some research when we put together this program. We found that 72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than on material things. Bucket list travel is the most in demand type of travel of the Baby Boomers and from TripAdvisor, 69% of global travellers are looking for something new, to explore those lesser known destinations, especially those that are untouched or unique,” says Elvi Cal, vice president, product development at TravelBrands. “As Frank mentioned, he challenged us about eight months ago to come up with a unique and different product. He wanted us to diversify the product lineup and expand the product offerings. We still have the regular Sunquest program with [700+] beach destinations, but the compelling hook was we needed to find something that was different, that was unique. Why is it special and why would Canadians want to go there? Hence, the Experiences by Sunquest product was hatched.”

Travel agents can earn 11% commission on all Experiences packages, as well as take part in upcoming webinars and FAM trips. The product will be available across Sirev, Sabre Vacations, Galileo Vacations, Amadeus Vacations and Revnet.

Experiences by Sunquest by the numbers:

  • 109 air-inclusive packages
  • 13 new destinations including Spain, Italy & St. Kitts and Nevis
  • 85 new properties
  • 114 experiences
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