TravelOnly Launches New 100% Commission Program

After 45 years, TravelOnly is launching a new program for the travel industry which will provide 100% commission on every booking. The TravelOnly Centurion program is an attractive value proposition for current Travel Advisors with an existing book of business and/or brick and mortar agencies that want to reduce their overhead expenses while improve marketing, training and back office support but maintain full control of their business while keeping 100% of the commission on every booking.

“The world has changed, and we know that many successful Advisors and Travel Agency owners in our industry are hurting,” explains President and CEO Gregory Luciani. “We wanted to offer a program that supports the most important people in our industry and puts more money into the hands of our Associates, by allowing these Agency owners to focus on profitability, knowing that they could maintain low, fixed costs on a monthly basis while earning 100% of every commissionable booking.”

The Centurion program helps Travel Advisors earn the most money, maximizing their profitability and efficiency while still relying on TravelOnly’s industry-leading support and platforms.

TravelOnly’s VP Sales and Marketing, Ian Elliott, points out that TravelOnly Centurion advisors will enjoy an “all-inclusive” plan: “The beauty of the Centurion program is that these travel advisors benefit from all of the incredible training, systems and platforms we’ve developed for our current TravelOnly family. Advisors will also have access to their own state-of-the-art consumer website and booking platforms, social media, marketing programs and back office support.”

To learn more about TravelOnly’s Centurion Program email [email protected] or call us at 1-877-868-8808,