Travelport, Hopper Expand Strategic Relationship

Travelport has renewed a multi-year agreement with Hopper.

Travelport’s data products and Competitive Insights have been fundamental in helping to fuel Hopper’s expansion into new regions globally. Now, as part of the renewed agreement, the companies will build upon their long-standing relationship and leverage Travelport’s enhanced retailing capabilities to deliver the best possible experience for Hopper’s growing user base.

The companies have started collaborating on Hopper’s upgrade to Travelport+ in high-growth regions and will continue integration across Hopper’s central platform into early 2023.

As part of the data insight collaboration, Travelport and Hopper are actively working towards a mix of growth, traveller and supplier initiatives with an insights-driven approach to complement Hopper’s data science-focused strategy for ensuring travellers always know the best time to book. Travelport’s Competitive Insights actively support Hopper’s growth by drilling into current traveler behaviours and identifying opportunities that result in highly relevant, valuable information that is key to making commercial decisions.

The technology upgrade to Travelport+ will ultimately help Hopper deliver the best travel content and fares through a single API, with simplified access to Travelport’s aggregated New Distribution Capability (NDC) and multi-sourced content.

Travelport’s retailing platform will ensure Hopper can deliver the most valuable and relevant content through a user experience that makes it easier for users to navigate the multitude of options available to them.

Both companies are also actively exploring innovative ways to deliver new agency tools and enhancements for Travelport customers using Travelport+ with Hopper Cloud, Hopper’s B2B initiative.

Hopper and Travelport will aim to collaborate in order to create a more modernized retailing experience for Travelport agent desktop users worldwide, while helping them deliver value, increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue.