Travelport Introduces NavAgent

In collaboration with Navitas Solutions and Agentivity, Travelport is introducing NavAgent – an add-on to the Travelport Smartpoint desktop point of sale delivering intelligent workload optimization and data driven personalization.

NavAgent is now available for Travelport+ users globally and is designed to significantly improve an agent’s ability to prioritize and focus on the most urgent selling and servicing tasks, while delivering personalized retailing experiences.

NavAgent helps travel retailers to connect with their customers in a more meaningful way, by automatically updating the agent’s Smartpoint display with a CRM view of the traveler as they engage.

Customer details and preferences such as purchase history, favorite departure airports, airlines and other suppliers, as well as past and future bookings, and unused ticket coupons are all presented in a way that allows the agent to quickly and easily refer to relevant information as they engage with their customer.

Early trials confirm travel agents achieve higher quality engagement with their customers, while optimizing their time each day.

Travelport’s collaborative approach with developer partners Agentivity and Navitas in delivering NavAgent to the agency community has been uniquely focused on the best interest of the customer.

By tapping into each partner’s industry skills and expertise, the companies were able to accelerate delivery to travel retailers, while ensuring value for Travelport’s agency customers through every phase of development.