Travelport Unlocks The Future

Travelport, a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, today debuted the latest product feature release for its next-generation travel retailing platform, Travelport+.

The new self-servicing suite and automation tools, now available on Travelport+, help travellers, and the travel retailers that support them, to create an efficient, online shopping and servicing experience for travellers. Travelport has also recently expanded the availability of NDC content and NDC servicing capabilities for several of its airline partners.

Jen Catto, Chief Marketing Officer at Travelport, said that: “This next phase of our Travelport+ evolution is all about making our next-generation travel marketplace work and feel more like the Internet, with more self-service and automation, so that our customers can activate their own modern digital retailing experiences.”

Catto continued: “With so many customers upgrading to Travelport+, we’ve remained agile and focused on providing agents the ability to automate a task quickly and easily, so that agents get more time back in their day to serve and support their travelers. We’re also expanding on NDC capabilities with our partners, to go above and beyond the ability to just book NDC content by really improving how flights are shopped, sold, and serviced, with new add-ons, paid seats and bag opportunities.”

Travelport’s new self-service tool, Productivity Automator, is designed to help agents work more productively by reducing the amount of manual back-end tasks and calls to suppliers.

The automation capabilities available with Productivity Automator through Travelport+ ultimately give agents more time to focus on advising their travellers and increased upsell opportunities for suppliers. Travelport+ customers using Productivity Automator have seen they can potentially generate a 14% time savings across their entire team every day.

The latest Travelport+ product release also introduces modernized self-service tools for agency customers and developers, including Travelport’s completely redesigned MyTravelport developer portal.

The updated portal was designed with modern travel retailers in mind and now offers virtual agent support, a smarter knowledge base search, and an online community.? These customer service and support updates both speed up and simplify the Travelport+ digital support journey for developers and agencies using Travelport.

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