TRAVELSAVERS Canada launches agent education program KORE

To fill a gap in the marketplace, TRAVELSAVERS Canada is launching KORE, a gold-standard education program that advances how the industry enlists and trains the next wave of travel advisors.

The travel and tourism industry in Canada is projected to grow to $16.92 billion by 2028, according to Statista. To meet heightened demand, KORE will help new talent learn and grow in their travel advisor careers. KORE is tailored for the needs of the Canadian travel industry, addressing airline regulations, cruise sales and compliance and fraud protection, co-created with in-country experts.

“KORE is launching at a critical time for the travel advisor profession,” said Jane Clementino, senior vice-president and general manager of TRAVELSAVERS Canada. “Its mission is threefold: we attract new entrants at a time when they’re truly needed. We provide comprehensive training for those advisors. And we help agencies recruit and train new consultants.”

About KORE

Launched in the United States in 2021, KORE is a comprehensive, fully digital curriculum that’s self-paced and flexible to meet the needs of today’s learners. With real-world insights from industry experts, KORE is the premier education program for individuals who seek to hit the ground running in their new career as a travel advisor.

First-of-its-kind program

KORE offers a fresh approach to travel education. Beyond providing in-depth content most relevant to the modern travel industry, KORE connects unaffiliated students with personal mentors who are agency owners and managers. It even offers a post-graduation job placement.

“KORE is exactly what our industry needs and has made a huge impact on our success,” said Steve Ineson, owner of Four Seasons Travel. “This game-changing curriculum allowed us to hire and train an advisor, all in just a few months. Within a year, this advisor has surpassed every sales goal and is on track to help increase our business by more than 20 per cent. KORE has helped us achieve our sales and profitability goals and will now be an automatic part of our recruiting and training process.”

Best-in-class learning

With 16 modules and approximately 135 hours of study time, a KORE graduate’s training is second to none.

  • In-depth learning: The KORE curriculum covers every aspect of the industry and is rooted in skills unique to travel today.
  • Business skills: Graduates will learn how to research, design and book travel; serve clients; and build a profitable business in this rapidly shifting industry.
  • Industry-relevant topics: The curriculum includes important topics not always covered in travel agent career programs, such as technology tools, social media marketing and industry compliance and fraud protection co-created with attorneys.
  • Self-paced curriculum: Students complete the course on their own timeline from any location, offering the ultimate flexibility for busy lives.
  • Certificate of completion: KORE graduates will walk away with a certificate of completion as a sign of their achievement.
  • For new talent and agencies looking to offer team members the chance to learn and grow in their travel careers, KORE is an invaluable investment.

KORE is open for enrolment in Canada now. Visit KORE’s website for more details.