TravelSavers Canada shares predictions for top travel trends in 2024

Motivated by crossing items off their to-do lists, travellers will roam the world in 2024, prioritizing authentic, customized experiences in off-the-beaten-path locales.

Results of a new advisor survey from TravelSavers Canada forecast the top travel destinations and trends for next year as well as recommended must-have experiences.

Europe’s popularity will continue unabated, according to the advisors surveyed. Italy will be 2024’s top destination, with Portugal following closely behind. Alaska also broke the top five, and the Dominican Republic and Raya Riviera rounded out the list of top destinations. No surprise, as sun-and-sand spots continue to dominate year after year.

Exploring the unknown

Visiting lesser-known destinations was identified by Canadian advisors as a top emerging trend, and their forecasts for 2024’s trending locales range from first-place South Africa and second-place Vietnam to Japan, Eastern Europe and Morocco.

“People are increasingly eager for new adventures,” said Jane Clementino, senior vice-president and general manager of TravelSavers Canada. “They’re more excited than ever to spread their wings and try new things, whether it’s a new place, activity, or style of travel. They
want the full experience.”

All-inclusive travel is the top trend for next year, as travellers crave extra value and ease of planning their vacations. River cruising and active/adventure travel also ranked highly in the survey. Multigenerational and family travel, along with small-group travel, are surging in
popularity due to a desire to experience the world with loved ones.

Bucket-list travel is the number-one emerging trend, according to the survey, as travellers are converting their dreams into to-do lists. Personalized experiences and authentic travel made the top five as well, reflecting a heightened interest in cultural immersion tailored to the
traveller’s preferences.

Off-the-beaten-path travel also ranked highly, along with AI-assisted travel planning.

“People are prioritizing travel and making moves to check the items off their bucket lists,” said Clementino. “They’re not waiting anymore. They’re working with travel advisors now to create their ideal vacations and build memories.”

Must-have experiences for 2024

When asked about must-have travel experiences for 2024, Canadian advisors recommended four styles of trips:

Immersive experiences

Discover firsthand how other cultures live. Connect with the nature, history and cuisine of the destination. Custom itineraries, longer stays and purposeful interactions all deepen the bond to the area.


With so much variety, cruises offer something for everyone. Ocean and river cruising both provide a taste of different destinations. Try sailing on a new ship to enjoy all the offerings and features. Upgrade the voyage with a suite or a premium or luxury sailing.

Enhanced vacations

Splurge on travel experiences that make a major difference to the enjoyment of the trip. Secure first-class air and expedited customs service. Treat yourself to a five-star hotel or spacious suite. Book private transfers, guided tours, yachts and jets.

Out-of-the-ordinary destinations

Visit sites such as Alaska’s glaciers, Machu Picchu and the Pyramids of Egypt while you still can. Experience pristine nature with an African safari, or Galapagos Islands or Antarctica journey. Discover different ways of life in places such as Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, even ones that might be out of a traveller’s comfort zone.

Top destinations for 2024

1. Italy
2. Portugal
3. Dominican Republic
4. Riviera Maya
5. Alaska
Top Exotic Destinations
1. South Africa
2. Vietnam
3. Eastern Europe
4. Japan
5. Morocco

Top trends for 2024

1. All-inclusive travel
2. Multigenerational travel
3. River cruising
4. Family travel
5. Small-group travel

Top Emerging Trends

1. Bucket list/to-do trips
2. Off-the-beaten-path/exotic destinations
3. Personalized experiences
4. Authentic travel
5. AI-assisted travel planning

Advisors from TravelSavers agency affiliates in Canada participated in the survey between Nov. 8 and 27, 2023.