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Travelwatch Introduces ‘ANTI-SPAM’ Relief Kit


Travelwatch has put together an “ANTI-SPAM Kit” to relieve some of the confusion and time consuming issues that agencies have to deal with as they try to comply with new Anti-Spam legislation coming into effect July 1.

By next week, Travelwatch will be rolling out an “ecosystem that manages e-mail lists with a view to becoming compliant as soon as possible with the least amount of pain for both the agent and the client,” said Frank Orlando, Travelwatch CEO.

The solution Travelwatch packaged up is based on a series of tools to manage client lists for the long term, including subscription boxes, desktop tools, social media and some very detailed reports that provide sales leads to its subscribers.

“I attended the Travel Law Webinar presented by Baxter Travel Media. It was a good presentation that illustrated how ill equipped todays agents are to cope with the Act. Our solution is intelligent enough to recognize to whom the e-mail is being sent to thereby, allowing consumers to click once for consent without having to re-subscribe the way most commercial distribution systems operate. This will vastly improve the consumer experience and the agents’ client-retention rates,” added Orlando.

Membership starts at $20 per month and comes with 10,000 monthly DIY e-mails and is now on sale for $179 for a year, about a 25% discount.



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