TravelWebcast Week: How To Package And Sell Canada

In a post-COVID-19 travel market, everyone is taking a closer look at how the Canadian industry can package and sell Canada. What are suppliers doing to attract domestic travellers? What are the opportunities for agents to sell Canada?

Join us today at 1PM EST for a free TravelWebcast, Look Local: a new perspective on packaging and selling Canada, part of the popular #TravelWebcastWeek series, as we attempt to answer these questions and more.

Charlotte Bell, President & CEO, Tourism Industry Association of Canada sits down with Baxter Media Executive Editor, Bob Mowat about where the Canadian tourism industry at right now, the pros and potential cons of domestic travel, TIAC’s plan to address travel restrictions so the industry can get back to business, and opportunities and resources TIAC has for agents and tour operators who want to sell more Canada.

A lively panel discussion is set follow, featuring Tamara Mallin of Rocky Mountaineer, Susan Bowman of Transat Distribution Canada, and Darcie Guarderas of Anderson Vacations, each covering opportunities and exciting new initiatives for the traditional travel trade, advice in terms of the variety of regional rules and restrictions to consider when selling Canada, and how the relationship between suppliers and agents has changed as a result of COVID-19.

Plus, don’t miss a case study on Motor Home Travel, showcasing a timely way to travel in comfort, style, and privacy while exploring Canada’s picturesque landscapes.

This is your last chance to join us for Baxter Media’s #TravelWebcastWeek exploring the topics, trends, and issues that matter most to Canadian travel agents and industry professionals right now.


Each session will be streamed on Facebook Live, and as always, Travel Webcast participants are encouraged to ask questions of any of our guests at the end of each segment.