Treasures of Tutankhamen in Montreal


Montreal is hosting a unique exhibition from Egypt featuring replica artifacts of the Treasures of Tutankhamen.

The Treasures of Tutankhamen promotes a comparison of ancient and modern customs concerning death and the afterlife – not to mention discussions of political power and the privileges that come with great personal wealth. This temporary exhibition has toured several countries over the past years, such as France, Spain and Germany.

The Treasures of Tutankhamen has been reconstructed to tell the story of Tutankhamen as it was told through Howard Carter’s discovery of his tomb and educate the visitors about Ancient Egypt, the oldest civilization in the world, by narrating tales from the Egyptian crypts. The temporary museum is currently exhibiting the replicas of artifacts discovered from the tomb, such as: contents of the tomb, treasures in gold, silver and alabaster, symbols of divinity, treasures in wood, golden sarcophagus and ceremonial chairs.

The Treasures of Tutankhamen is supported by the Egyptian Tourist office in Canada, the Old Port Authorities and funded by Absolute Media, a subsidiary of Maxim Holding in Cairo. It is welcoming visitors in the old Port of Montreal at Hangar 16 and will remain open until the end of August.



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