Trevello: Full Steam Ahead 

A night at the Rec Room was nothing like a gathering in your parents’ basement.

Trevello chose the spot to say thank you and show its appreciation to its partners. Each guest was invited to show off their skills at bowling, axe throwing or at the pool table.

But, Trevello’s Zeina Gedeon hasn’t been playing games this year.

The proof lies in the 5% increase in sales year to date over 2019 and a 9% increase in sales commissions.

And it’s not all about the financial growth.

Aside from the recent name change, Trevello is picking up steam and introducing Trevello Cruise championed by Caroline Hay which provides their travel advisors with all the tools they need to be successful, including cruise-focused virtual training events and exclusive seminars at sea.

If that’s not enough of a growth plan, there’s more.

Trevello is setting the stage for a steady plan of growth into the US. Stay tuned for more to come in 2023.