Trevello Travel Group Is Just Cruising Along

The plan is clearly working.

Back in December 2022, Trevello Travel Group rolled plans to increase its emphasis on cruise business, with Caroline Hay leading that effort.

The endeavour to expand its cruise sales has already yielded positive results as the group is seeing increased sales well over year end 2019 sales figures with most of their cruise line partners.

According to Hay: “Trevello’s dedicated Cruise department is the only one of its kind in the Canadian Host Agency space and we’re committed to keeping up with the latest industry trends and providing the best possible service to its advisors who sell (or want to sell) cruise vacations.”

Hay noted that: “To achieve this, in January we launched a successful Get Ready for Wave 2-day training event, with over 250 advisors participating and engaging with 22+ cruise partners. In addition, Trevello offers weekly formatted cruise training sessions, drop-in virtual cruise chit-chats, and a very active cruise-focused Facebook group to ensure continuous training, and development and to further strengthen relationships with our advisors and cruise partners.”

To further support its advisors, Trevello has also created a Cruise Portal where advisors can access updated promotions, training materials, tips and tricks, marketing tools and all they need to further develop their cruise business all in one easy accessible place. As a Virtuoso member, the company actively engages with Virtuoso groups and strengthens its offerings with Trevello headquarter cruise groups.

More recently, Trevello Travel Group was recognized for its efforts and dedication to its cruise business, winning the Celebrity Group Superstar Award for 2022.

Said Hay: “We are grateful for this award, which acknowledges the tireless efforts and dedication of our incredible travel advisors, who enthusiastically support Celebrity Cruises. With group travel on the rise, our partnership with Celebrity Cruises is a natural fit for our advisors, who benefit from user-friendly tools, outstanding support, and the ability to combine Virtuoso amenities with Celebrity groups. We look forward to another outstanding and record-breaking sales year with Celebrity Cruises.”

Allan Brooks, Celebrity Cruise, National Director, Market Sales – Canada, said: “It has been a true pleasure working online side Caroline and the Trevello team. With a great foundation and an ever-growing group of seasoned travel advisors, Trevello has a winning combination. The Trevello team has used their years of experience and fresh new ideas to build their groups business and in turn have become a leader in the industry. Kudos to the entire team for staying engaged and thank you for supporting Celebrity Cruises.”

In the photo

From l to r, are Allan Brooks National Director, Market Sales – Canada; Caroline Hay, General Manager, Cruise Division, Trevello Group Inc.; Laura Di Nardo, Field Sales Manager; Celebrity Cruises.