Trevello welcomes advisors, suppliers aboard Ruby Princess for annual conference

Last year (2023) was a good year for host agency Trevello.

With sales up 48 per cent and commissions up 63 per cent, it’s no wonder Zeina Gedeon can’t suppress her excitement in addressing the crowd of 215 advisors, 51 individual partners and 55 suppliers who came together on the Ruby Princess to laugh and learn their way to Alaska and back, at the company’s annual conference.

Running from April 30 to May 7, laughter is an underlying theme of the week-long Alaska sailing, with suppliers and partners waiting in semi-silence as the advisors were about to enter the room. With great fanfare, they were cheered on with whistles, noise makers and their own loud, vocal instruments. 

But Gedeon had some competition on stage, as a giant, AI version of (well, we don’t really know who) welcomed the group.

“This is a celebration of our past achievements. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to exploring new horizons, fostering meaningful connections and empowering every advisor to realize their dreams. Thank you for being a part of this trailblazing journey and welcome to this 30th anniversary conference, where we celebrate our past, shape our future and continue to make the world a more connected and inspiring place for all,” the voice, named Sophia, addressed the crowd.

Trailblazing is this year’s real theme and Caroline Hay, Cruise Guru and event planner, explained that a trailblazer is “someone who sets themselves apart and does things a little bit differently. Something that Morris Chia set out to accomplish 30 years ago in 1994. He saw an opportunity for people to turn their passion into a business.”

The day continued with supplier presentations and a trade show, not your typical one with 10’ X 10’ cubicles but with small round tables, enough seats for four at each in one of the ship’s dining rooms, a friendly way to talk travel. 

Trevello’s conference wraps up on May 7—stay tuned for more coverage from Baxter Media, on location, throughout the week!

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