Trinidad & Tobago waiting to be discovered

Trinidad’s famed Carnival has concluded for another year but tourism authorities say there are many other events for tourists to enjoy,. including a November cuisine festival that will “crown the world’s” best chef. “It (Carnival) is not the only time to be in Trinidad. We also have a lot times to be in Trinidad and Tobago,” Juliana Johan Boodram, premanent secretary, Ministry of Tourism said. Tourism authorities note that Trinidad and Tobago’s population has roots in many different parts of the world, creating what it says is an intriguing cultural scene. “We have changed hands from Europe many times,” Johan Boodram says, before adding that culture is only one side to Trinidad and Tobago, which can also easily accommodate nature enthusiasts. Tobago in particular is suited for those who enjoy nature, thanks to its beaches, rainforest and coral reefs that attract divers from around the world. “It’s very unspoiled because we have never mass marketed,” Johan Boodram says. Tourism authorities add they expect Trinidad and Tobago will build a bigger following with international tourists, describing their country as an “emerging tourism nation.”