Trip Of A Lifetime

The Travel Institute has launched its TRIP of a Lifetime October promotion for new travel agents, offering substantial tuition assistance savings of nearly 40% on its TRIPKit introductory training course bundle.

The October promotion also includes additional content further focused on new agent learning and distributed via a dedicated webpage, webinars, and other targeted communications, along with advertising to attract potential new agents and educate the general public.

Diane Petras, CTIE, president, The Travel Institute, said: “The travel industry has voiced a significant need for more agents and The Travel Institute is delivering.”

Petras cited a record 2,063 new travel agents educated by The Travel Institute in 2017 alone, as necessitated by both an aging agent population and a growing industry.

Said Petras: “The TRIP of a Lifetime promotion is intended to build on our momentum, encouraging potential new agents from all walks of life to take the leap and take their first step in making their dream of launching a travel agent career a reality.”

During the limited-time offer, individuals can save nearly US$150 on the TRIPKit travel introductory program bundle.

Rhonda Stanley, CTC and vice president of talent development at The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) in Toronto, said: “We believe investing in learning creates quality agents with a much greater opportunity to be successful for themselves and for their travelers. We are delighted to partner with The Travel Institute ongoing for the educational tools that enable that success.”

Stanley uses TRIPKit materials for TTAND’s mandatory new agent training program, adapting for the Canadian travel market specifically.

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