Trips Of A Lifetime With Collette

Collette has unveiled a collection of tours billed as a “trip of a lifetime” and which have been designed to immerse, impress and indulge guests in an extraordinary way.

For the past century, Collette’s guided the way, taking people on their trip of a lifetime. That’s 100 years of dreams made reality, 100 years of memories made, and 100 years of making someday today.

“At Collette, we understand travelers and what motivates them to explore. We’ve created these itineraries to really hone in on a unique style of expedition,” explained Courtney Iannuccilli, vice-president of marketing.

Some tours that are featured include: Italy’s Treasures, Exploring South Africa: Victoria Falls and Botswana, Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands, Mysteries of India, Cultures of Peru and Bolivia, Journey through Southern France, Treasures of Egypt, Wonders of China and the Yangtze River, Iconic Israel, Elegant Ireland and more.

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