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A little over a year ago, the Seaport area was devastated by high tides, resulting from Super Storm Sandy. Water rose up to 5 feet and destroyed many of the businesses in the area. Just days after the storm, the clean-up started and the true devastation of the event was realized.
Like most businesses in the South Street Seaport area, the BEST WESTERN PLUS Seaport Inn Downtown lobby was flooded and destroyed. As soon as it was possible, general manager, ZB Moham and his team began major cleanup and repairs.
Determined to get the hotel reopened, the team worked round the clock and within 45 days after the storm, the hotel had a brand new lobby and was again open for business.
\”We greatly appreciate the support of our loyal guests and our staff during that difficult time,\” Moham said. \”As we mark the one year anniversary of the storm, the hotel is flourishing and the area is revitalized with restaurants and shops open for business including the Paris Cafe, Acqua Italian Restaurant and Mark Joseph Steakhouse.\”
When the hotel reopened the team renewed their commitment to providing guests with superior customer care. As a result of the team\’s dedication to providing superior care to their guests, the BEST WESTERN PLUS Seaport Inn received three prestigious awards at the recent Best Western International Convention, which included the M.K. Guertin Award, the Champion Customer Care Award and the Best Western Green Award.
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