TTAND FIT TRIP Challenge Raises $10K

The Travel Agent Next Door travel agent partners just completed the second annual 9-week FIT TRIP fitness challenge campaign that also raised funds for Pencils for Kids.

Partner travel agents raised $6,980 and TTAND topped that amount up to $10,000 – enough to fund half the cost of building a school in Niger.

TTAND founder, Flemming Friisdahl said: “I am very excited that we were able to run this program again this year with the amazing support of our suppliers. We have been able to support Pencils 4 Kids again with the generous support of our partner agents to the tune of $10,000 – which is just amazing, especially since these are very tough times for all of us. Their kind generosity will help build a school for young kids in Niger.”

There were over 260 TTAND partner agents participating, doing up to 50 different fitness activities and over 12,220 entries were made recording 771,180 minutes of exercise by all participants combined.

Robin Mednick, president & executive director, Pencils for Kids, said: “I am having difficulty finding the right words to thank TTAND and every single agent for helping us fund a kindergarten in Libore, Niger – a kindergarten that will provide a secure and safe space for the smallest children to comfortably learn.”

Mednick continued: “Your tremendous generosity, in the face of your own challenges this past year, speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for. When this TTAND sponsored kindergarten is constructed in the coming months it will be built in memory of the 20 children who perished in a fire in April, in a straw kindergarten in Niamey, Niger.”

And Mednick added: “It will be built with your love, your strength, your passion, and your kindness. On behalf of Pencils for Kids and the whole community of Libore, Niger, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The following TTAND suppliers generously donated a total of 36 prizes including 7-night stays, cruises, tours, flights and vouchers: AMResorts, WestJet, Celebrity, NCL, Star Clippers, Just You, Air Canada, TravelBrands, Collette and RCI.

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