TTAND Launches ‘The Agency Solution’

The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) is launching a new division, The Agency Solution, designed to support smaller storefront agencies in the $1 million to $3 million range.

The Agency Solution is the latest brainchild of TTAND founder Flemming Friisdahl (pictured) and will be run as a separate division.

“We know there are a number of successful small agencies in our industry across Canada who find all of the back office and regulatory work costly and time consuming,” said Friisdahl. “We want to complement their success by bringing the tools and resources that will lighten their load.”

The company will cater specifically to the needs of the smaller storefront agency by reducing both workload and costs. As an example, the program eliminates the cost of regulatory fees, E&O insurance, bank fees and merchant fees – and reduces the cost of accounting, payroll, telephones, toll free lines, GDS & technology.

At the same time, the agency can keep its own branding and identity and will receive customized marketing with a full online presence that includes a website, e-mail and print marketing – as well as a complete social media platform for the agency brand.

And, agencies will receive support for managing salaried agents and mentoring outside contractor associates.

“We have a unique product offering for smaller agencies,” said Friisdahl. “When we show them what we can do for them and how much time and money they will save, agency owners can see the upside.”

He added, “A lot of these agencies are small but successful, and many have been in business a long time and have loyal customers. We are not looking to make them assimilate to our brand – we provide a solution that allows them to keep their identity and concentrate on selling.”

The Agency Solution will be announcing a new senior executive to head up the division shortly.