TTAND Restructures Into Four Regions

The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) is restructuring into four regions in a move designed to benefit both its agents and suppliers.

Traditionally, host agencies are considered by suppliers to be only one agency and this means that they only get the attention of one business development manager (BDM) or sales representative. The agents of that host agency could be spread out across Canada, yet they are not linked with their local or regional BDM or sales rep.

“As we grew, we recognized that our agents were losing out because they were not recognized by suppliers regionally and thus they were missing out on local support and recognition,” said Flemming Friisdahl, founder, The Travel Agent Next Door. “By creating four regions, we have ensured that our agents are seen by their local BDMs and reps – and, their performance shows up on each BDM’s reports.”

He added, “This will mean that agents will be invited to supplier events based on their performance to local events like ship inspections or other regional events by that supplier. It also means they will receive training and local marketing support.”

Now TTAND agents and hosted agencies receive direct support from regional reps and BDMs that includes Training, Resolution, Marketing and Consumer Evenings support, to name a few.

It also means that TTAND agents and agencies will receive recognition for their sales production and have the ability to grow their business by working directly with their local supplier rep or BDM.

“This approach also benefits suppliers,” said Friisdahl. “Tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, tour companies, tourist boards, etc. will now have insight into where to focus their efforts via their local reps and BDM’s to assist in growing their business on a national scale.”