TTAND’s Chen Yu Named Top ChangeMaker In G Adventures Global Incentive

The Travel Agent Next Door’s Chen Yu has been named the top agent in G Adventures’ four-month long incentive – which ran from March to June 2023 — called ChangeMakers.

The global incentive recognized the top 8 agents from each market worldwide and TTAND agent Chen Yu was the number one agent for ‘most lives changed’ in Canada as well as in the world.

David Green, VP Sales and Managing Director Canada, G Adventures, said:  “Chen has been the most amazing agent of change for G Adventures over many years. She is the perfect partner, she’s someone who works closely within her own local community, she’s someone who recognizes the importance of supporting community tourism when she travels and she cares passionately about delivering great service to her clients.”

Green continued: “We’ve fostered an incredible relationship over the years that has focused on creating life changing experiences for her travellers, and throughout this journey Chen’s client base has grown through word of mouth on the back of some amazing experiences. We are really proud of Chen, for all her hard work and for winning the GX- Most Lives Changed Award.”

The name ChangeMakers was derived from G Adventures’ belief that its small group tourism changes the lives of its travellers. And the company also believes that its style of small group travel also helps change the lives of people in the places visited.

Advisors who booked any of their clients with a G Adventures trip through the tour operator’s dedicated Sherpa portal were automatically entered into their region’s Change Makers challenge.

Flemming Friisdahl, TTAND CEO, said: “This is an incredible achievement for Chen Yu. We are extremely proud of her.”

Winners were invited to the GX Summit, the inaugural event in Peru that brought together over 350 people to celebrate community tourism and see firsthand the impact that the company makes when travelling responsibly.

Yu observed: “As a travel advisor in Chinese communities, I have a passion for building a bridge between the Chinese travellers with wonderful tour operators.”

She continued: “As a Chinese immigrant, this achievement is a milestone for me and for our Chinese travellers too. I know how brave they are to explore the world. I would like to thank G Adventures for making this possible.”


Chen Yu with Bruce Poon Tip Founder of G Adventures