TTC Tour Brands Bets On Travel Agents

TTC Tour Brands celebrated Travel Agent Day by holding a casino-themed advisor appreciation event in Toronto last night featuring cocktails representing its various brands and a variety of games from craps to roulette. Arriving agents — including top producing agents who were flown in from coast to coast — were given casino vouchers to cash in and try their luck.

“You may be wondering why the casino theme,” Melissa DaSilva – President, TTC Tour Brands, North America, announced during the evening. “What we are playing on is that when you are working with TTC Tour Brands it doesn’t matter what it is your clients are looking for — we’re going to have something in the deck that is perfect for them. Whether it’s your luxury clients who want to go on a Luxury Gold vacation, clients who are looking specifically for Ireland and Scotland going on a Brendan FIT, whether it’s your youth clients who are looking for Contiki, and everything in between… It doesn’t matter what you have in your hand, there’s something that’s going to be there to make their hands even better.”

DaSilva told PressToday that agents represent the most important distribution channel for the company.

“We’ve been through a lot, particularly with the re-structuring of TTC Tour Brands a year ago, so we just wanted to say thank you to all of our partners for sticking with us and getting through what was a very transitional year,” she shared. “[Agents] represent roughly 85% of our total distribution so I can’t underplay how important it is to us.”

Notably, DaSilva says booking are back in full swing.

“We’re having a good year, especially revenue wise. People are choosing to travel longer and spend more money and that is a great thing. By the time we hit 2024 we’re looking at very healthy growth targets over 2019.”

Pictured at the event are:

  1. Melissa DaSilva – President, TTC Tour Brands, North America.
  2. Shannon Guihan, (r) Chief Sustainability Officer & Head of TreadRight for The Travel Corporation and Parisa Pouramn, Marketing and Communications Manager.
  3. Chris Lackstrom, Director Supplier & Business Development at Kemp Travel Group and Lynda Falcone, Travel Trade Manager – Canada, for VisitBritain.
  4. Oliver Weibel, Director Canada, Switzerland Tourism and Jenni Berg – National Accounts Director, TTC Tour Brands.
  5. Berg with out of town guests: Carla MacKay, owner, Travel Our Way, Westville, Nova Scotia and Wendy Dunham, owner, Wendy Dunham Travel, Windsor, Nova Scotia.