TTI Travel partners with Fraser & Hoyt

TTI Travel has launched a new partnership with Fraser & Hoyt Travel Management Limited. This, according to officials, unites two “like-minded Canadian travel management market leaders to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions through a common culture of high-touch, personalized travel service.””It’s a great fit,”says Catherine De Sua Branson, vice-president of Fraser & Hoyt Travel. “Together, we will connect our brands and provide Canadians with a greater range of travel services. Technology is paramount today and TTI Travel shares our commitment to be technology leaders.”Fraser & Hoyt Travel will continue to operate as it is, with the same team it has served Canadians with for over 52 years. Alongside TTI Travel, this newly cemented relationship will provide greater expertise and a broader range of products and services for traveller’s needs. “We have long been focused on making business travel more hassle free and cost effective,”says Rocky Racco, CEO of TTI Travel. “Aligning ourselves with an organization with similar values like Fraser & Hoyt Travel is an opportunity we proudly embrace.”