Tully Debunks Cruise Myths


Attention cruise newbies… Tully Luxury Travel’s team has sorted through the myths and clichés associated with cruising and reveal that long gone are the days of bland food, small spaces and sea sickness.

From floating cities to intimate salons-at-sea, it’s easier than ever to find a cruise that caters perfectly to your client’s needs.
The Tully team has debunked the following cruise myths, sure to broaden a newbie’s horizons to the endless possibilities on the open sea.

  • Stuck on a ship: Being stuck out in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do… not a chance! You are on a floating country with everything available from fitness centres to theatres, multiple choices of dining venues, nightly shows, shopping, multiple bars, clubs, auctions, casino’s – there is an endless list to keep you busy.
  • Formal dress code: Not all cruise lines have a formal dress code. Some are more country club casual.
  • Cruising is for the older generation: This could not be further from the truth. Different cruise lines offer different activities for all age groups. You can choose to be a part of everything or as little as you like – you make and own your cruise vacation.
  • Time is regimented: Now with freestyle and open dining options, you no longer have to be told that you have to eat at the same time every night at the same table. The boat is your oyster in terms of dining options that fit your schedule.
  • Sea sickness: Nowadays, almost all ships come with fixed stabilizers to help control and reduce the ship’s “rock n’ roll” due to strong winds and waves. Half the time you barely even feel the ship moving unless you’re really focusing on it. Another tip if you’re still worried about the amount of movement, book an itinerary that’s prone to calmer waters like the Caribbean and try to book a cabin that’s located mid-ship or on a lower deck; or better yet, book a river cruise – nothing but smooth sailing.

Not sure where to go? The cruise homepage below has travel destinations and itineraries to satisfy even the most discerning traveller: http://www.tullyluxurytravel.com/cruise-professionals.